I'm a dabbler in a lot of things, master of very few. Trying to keep my focus on artificial intelligence, markets and portfolio theory.

I tend to lean toward systemmatic investment, algorithmic trading and optimal portfolio construction. Because one of my deep interests is in Machine Learning / Artificial Integlligence, I try to apply a lot of that field onto portfolio management. Trades are actuators. Sensors are market data and news. The intelligence needs to make reasonable inferences and take the optimal actions. It's all very applicable. I do my best to take what I learn from fellow traders and investment managers and whenever possible encode the intuition people have into replicable systems.

While I find systematic methods most interesting, I do still think it is important to deeply understand market structure, follow global politics and use outside information not encoded in the algorithms to make smart decisions. This is, at least partially, the goal of this blog. I'm trying to force myself to organize my understanding of markets by writing about it. Doubtless I'll end up writing about a great many other things as well.

In my free time, if I'm not coding for a personal project, I also am a private pilot, scuba diver, ballroom dancer and cook. I sometimes build gadgets for home automation.


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